PETG Heat Shrink Film

Bonset PETG Film Grade Descriptions

Bonpet 5A

Bonpet 5A is a PETG heat-shrinkable film grade combining high overall shrinkage and excellent printability. The favorable film toughness and shrinkage character combine to make a film suitable for a wide variety of container shapes.

Bonpet 8V

Bonpet 8V is a new grade of PETG heat-shrinkable film that exhibits a smooth and gradual shrinkage curve. Bonpet 8V may be preferred for certain hot air tunnel applications as well as container geometries where wrinkling is particularly problematic. Bonpet 8V utilizes ab anti-static coating which is applied to the outside film surface, the inside film surface is preferred for printing.

Bonpet 1U

A PETG film possessing the same shrinkage behavior as B10 while incorporating an optical brightening additive.  B1U is ideal for applications requiring tamper-evident capability.  B1U incorporates an anti-static coating wound on the outside surface of the film roll.

Bonpet 7G

Bonpet 7G is a white, glossy, high-shrinkage PETG film. Bonpet 7G provides light-blocking protection in a higher-gloss film. Bonpet 7G is non-voided.

Bonpet 6L

Bonpet 6L is a PETG film having a more moderate shrinkage capability than Bonpet 5A. The film exhibits approximately 30% less shrink force than 5A and a shrinkage curve similar to PVC. Bonpet 6L exhibits a slight amount of machine direction shrinkage which can be advantageous for certain container geometries.

Bonpet 8A

PETG film combines high overall shrinkage with significantly reduced shrink force. Bonpet 8A is ideal for applications where reduced contours on the label top and bottom are required (often referred to as smiling). In addition to its excellent transparency, Bonpet 8A offers a machine direction shrinkage curve exhibiting significant growth. This can potentially offer film savings for applications whose sleeve heights are often over-sized due to the inherent MD shrinkage associated with traditional PETG films.

Bonpet 10

A high overall shrinkage PETG grade, exhibiting a slower shrink curve, reduced shrink force, and MD shrinkage relative to conventional PETG shrink films grades.  B10 incorporates an anti-static coating wound on the outside surface of the roll.

Bonpet 7X

Bonpet 7X is a micro-voided PETG film with high opacity and reduce specific gravity. Bonpet 7X has a smooth film surface and increased compressive stiffness which is more conducive for rotogravure printing and shrink sleeve application. Bonpet 7X utilizes an anti-static coating which is applied to the outside film surface. The preferred and recommended printing surface is the outside film surface.

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