Bonpet 8D Receives Certification for HP Digital Printing Presses

Bonset America Corporation is pleased to announce that our grade of PETG film made specifically for digital printing has been recertified on Hewlett Packard’s digital presses by the Rochester Institute of Technology. Bonpet 8D has a special coating that optimizes the PETG shrink film for use on digital presses, removing the need for printers to prime the film inline. In addition, our specially designed film can be printed across the entire web and does not exhibit the typical problems with seaming other films experience.

Bonset America’s R&D team developed this film to address the issues many printers and converters were experiencing when printing on shrink film using digital presses. Bonset it proud our film has been recertified and received the highest rating on all the properties measured. It is another example of the efforts Bonset will take in order to work with and help our customers solve their production issues.


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