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Heat Shrinkable Film Products Bonset

Bonpet 7M (B7M):  a PETG HY White Shrink Film

Designed to enhance your product with a rich, matte finish and pleasing colors, this High-Yield PETG shrink film extends the "paper look" into a full 360° label decoration. The film's crisp white appearance comes from reflectance rather than conventional white ink, making it easy to work with. Fully opaque, this upscale film offers a sought-after alternative to the glossy, clear film currently on the market.

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Bonpet 7G (B7G): A High Shrinkage White PETG with Glossy Finish

Bonpet 7G is a glossy white film that brings out the shine in labels without the need for white ink.  Bonpet 7G provides light blocking properties in a higher gloss film. This non-voided film is a good option for those wanting to provide high end labels with a premium look.

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Heat Shrinkable Film Products Bonset


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